GFA Glass Studio, started as a contemporary glass studio in Pretoria, South Africa.  At this facility we practice bead making, kiln forming, and glass blowing teqhniques.  GFA aims to promote the beauty and versatility of glass through products developed and made at the facility.  We create original GFA glass items.

GFA has since its foundation in 2008 grown to promoting more that just original glass products.  We now include the artworks of 'Ballack Art House'. Ivan Ballack's original art and photography is printed on stretched canvas, fabric and greeting cards to adorn your domicile with a fresh modern look. 

Minitza creates original art works through various printing techniques, digitising the artworks and printing on stretched canvas frabric and greeting cards.  These images have proudly South African subject matter to create a warm and welcoming living space.

Cathy Reimers creates the most inspiring kids room accessories.  These accessories include door knobs, coat hangers, art hangers, picture frames, clocks and mobiles.  The wide variety of characters availbe will leave no child without one.  

All products are original artworks, handmade and created in South Africa.


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